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self cert buy to let mortgages

self cert buy to let mortgages

Self Employed mortgages

Self Cert BTL - Use Rental Income Only! No Other Income Required...

Buy to let mortgages do have self certified alternatives in that in a lot of cases all that is required is the rental
income of the property in question.

There are lender's able to consider buy to let mortgages with self cert alternatives - i.e. they do not require proof
of other income such as salary from an employed job or self employed income such as salary and profits.

Get an alternative buy to let self cert mortgages using only rental income?

Several lenders are able to consider your buy to let mortgage application using rental income only - this is a very
useful self cert mortgage alternative since you do not need to proof any other income - infact your own income
can be ignored since the property is able to "stand alone" basing the buy to let mortgage on its rent alone.

Other income does help your self cert buy to let mortgage but not required

Other income - over and above rental income - is not required for your self cert buy to let mortgage alternative.

Some lender's do have minimum income requirements when it comes to a buy to let mortgage - i.e minimum
salary or other income.

But there are a good choice of other lenders with competitive rates and fees looking to provide you with your
self cert buy to let mortgage alternative using rental income alone!

Remortgage Your Buy to Let with One of our Self Certification Deals

Landlords and Get their Self Cert Deals with Low Rate Buy to Let Mortgages

European self cert mortgages

Self employed remortgages

self cert mortgages 2018

Need a flexible buy to let self cert mortgage? Our self certified buy to let mortgages are just the answer! See some of our available options below
- Self certified mortgages for buy to let with competitive rates and fees
- Buy to let self cert mortgages using just rental income!
- With our buy to let self cert mortgages you can borrow up to 85% with no proof of income whatsoever
- Self certifying your mortgage is very common with a buy to let really helping you to secure your self cert mortgage

Self Certified Mortgages Alternatives - Self Certified Mortgages Alternatives 2018

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That said - we still receive enquiries from people who believe they need a self certified mortgage when in fact their
circumstances may allow them to proceed with a conventional mortgage - along with competitive rates and fees.

We can accept adverse credit with our self cert deals
  Secured loans - self cert option available
We are able to offer self cert mortgages along with flexible income options
In most cases we can secure up to 85% on your buy to let mortgage.

Meaning you can remortgage up to 85% - or if you are buying a buy to let then
you will only need a 15% deposit.

Not only do we have access to very competitive buy to let - we also have lots
of flexible options including:
all bad credit is considered
using rental income only
low salary and low profit options

  85% Buy To Let Mortgages - Borrow up to 85% !

Buy to let mortgages:

just use rental income

no other income required

Which can be especially useful if you are remortgaging or buying a buy to let property.

We have access to buy to let mortgages where no minimum income is required - e.g. a very small profit wage, or pension etc will suffice.

The above 2 options gives you a wide choice from the competitive range of buy to let mortgages - some with low rates and low fees.
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Buy To Let Self Certified Mortgage Alternatives
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Buy To Let Mortgage?

Just Use Rental Income - No Other Income Required !


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"Not a straightforeard case Sean has worked hard to try to secure my mortgage all the work he put into my case looks like its going to be worth it would definitely reccommend red brick and will be using them in the future thanks Sean"

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"I held little hope of a mortgage with recent defaults and pay day loans RedBrick Mortgages did the research and sourced a deal that I could afford, and enable me to buy my first home."

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"We got our first mortgage with the help of RedBrick Mortgages ...they were so professional and patient with all our paper work that needed to be submitted."

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  Low Rates & Lender's Fees Available - You could Save 000's

We have access to very competitive buy to let mortgage rates - they are
updated daily so it's always worth contacting us for our most competitive rates.

We have access to the whole buy to let mortgage market including high street banks and building societies as well as many exclusive offers.

Many high street banks are asking for very large arrangement fees, sometimes costing 3.5% of the loan amount - these are to be avoided!

We have access to buy to let mortgages with fees under 1,000 in many cases - depending upon your circumstances.

  Professional Buy to Let Landlords - Portfolios Welcome !

We have years of experience when it comes to advising and arranging buy
to let mortgage portfolios.

In spite of extra regulations we are aim to ensure that:
competitive rates and fees are achieved
you secure the amount of borrowing you require
your mortgage completes as fast and efficiently as possible

With our specialist knowledge & experience we aim to quickly resolve your case!
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     Use Rental Income Only - No Other Income Required !

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