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self cert mortgages 2018

Self certified mortgages, often called self cert mortgages, are no longer available.
The FCA removed them in 2014 because they were felt to be a risk for the consumer.

That said - we still receive enquiries from people who believe they need a self certified mortgage when in fact their
circumstances may allow them to proceed with a conventional mortgage - along with competitive rates and fees.

Self Certified Mortgages 2018 - Self Cert Mortgage Alternatives
Our self cert mortgages 2018 are just the answer! See some of our examples below - allowing you to proceed with your self cert mortgage in 2018 and the flexibility you require: here is a summary of what may assist you if you were looking for a self cert mortgage option Use Rental Income Only - No Other Income Required ! By using rental income only you can self cert your mortgage No Proof of Income Mortgages - Self Cert Options Available - Borrow up to 85% Self Cert mortgages 2018 - we also have access to no minimum income income mortgages Use Our self certified mortgage alternatives - Contact Us Now ! Flexible Income Options - Our Self Cert Mortgage Alternatives Can Help You Today
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European self cert mortgages

  Self Cert Mortgages - Borrow up to 85%

Self Certified Mortgages Alternatives - Self Certified Mortgages Alternatives 2018

We can accept adverse credit with our self cert deals

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In most cases we can secure your self cert mortgage using one of our flexible income options - these
include being self certified for 1 year or less (in some cases see below) - using just an accountant's certificate
and many more.
We can consider CCJs - defaults - mortgage arrears - bankruptcy - IVAs -
debt management plans - plus many more.
  Yes! - All Bad Credit Considered - No Credit Checks at Quote Stage
  Secured loans - self cert option available
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  Accountant's reference Only - we can accept an accountant's certificate with no accounts required
Any rates quoted above will depend on your circumstances - Ask for a personalised illustration. The purpose of this website is to provide technical and generic guidance and should not be interpreted as a personal recommendation or advice
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In most cases we can secure your self employed mortgage using the flexible
income options below -

  Self Employed - 1 Year or Less - Maximum Income Multiples - Maximum Loan Size !

  1 year self employed or less - some lenders can accept professions with less than 1 year self employed income
Just a sample of what we offer : we have many more!
  Use balance sheet retained profits - this could greatly increase how much
you can borrow - without any tax implications since it is not dividend income !
  Contractors - we have lots of contractor options - contact us today!
  Use your latest profits - these are usually your largest profits - enabling you to borrow more !
Borrow up to 85% - very competitive rates - free quote no obligation!
Right now buy to let rates & fees have never been so low - this is due to lenders fighting hard to grow their share of the very competitive buy to let market.

  Buy to Let Self Cert Mortgage Substitutes
     Use Rental Income Only !

Buy to let Self Cert Mortgages Alternatives :
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The Financial Conduct Authority does not regulate commercial mortgages and some forms of buy to let mortgage
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  No other income required
  Remortgage and purchase deals available
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All Bad credit is considered - depending upon your circumstances we may be able
to help you.
We have years of experience with bad credit mortgage applications - we've seen
it all before and managed to achieve great success rates!
CCJs - defaults - mortgage arrears - bankruptcy - IVAs - debt management plans
are all considered - plus many more.
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The guidance contained within the website is subject to the UK regulatory regime and is therefore primarily targeted at customers in the UK
Quotes are provided free of charge - only once the client proceeds to full application is an application fee incurred for which the client will be made fully aware of per our Initial Disclosure Document and Fee Agreement signed by the client in advance.

Self cert mortgages to be or not to be?

A few years ago there was a lot of talk and hype about self cert mortgages, but can you still get one in the UK?

The answer to that question is no, as they have now been barred. However, they are still available from lenders in
Europe but if you choose to go down that route, then the recommendation from the Financial Conduct Authority
(FCA) would be that you get plenty of advice beforehand from a reliable UK mortgage expert.

What were self cert mortgages?

As you might guess from the name, a self cert mortgage meant that the borrower detailed how much money
they earned when they applied, without providing any supporting documents. In the past, they were used by self-
employed people with income from different sources and those with a low salary but with high commissions.

Why have self certified mortgages been banned in the UK?

Self certified mortgages were banned back in 2011 because it became evident that borrowers were being provided
with mortgages that they could not afford. Now lenders must be absolutely certain that applicants can make the
repayments for the entire mortgage period.

The FCA has now put in place rules that compel lenders to carry out detailed affordability checks. They also
have to see proof of income and "must not accept self-certification of income".

So is it OK to get a self cert mortgage from a lender in Europe?

Not necessarily; although this may sound like a good loophole to use, there may be problems. European lenders,
such as those in the Czech Republic, can offer self-certified mortgages online, but it is not wise to ignore the risks.
Because you would be using a lender from outside the UK, losing your home may be more probable if you get into
trouble and are unable to keep up with the mortgage repayments. Your mortgage from Europe would not be
regulated by the UK FCA hence it would have far less protection.

You would have no guarantee of being treated fairly if you got into financial difficulties, the Financial Ombudsman
Service for complaints would not be made available to you and the FCA will not be able intervene as the mortgage
would be subject to the regulations of the country in which the lender was based. Finally, if your adviser in Europe
recommends a mortgage that you cannot afford, you will not be entitled to claim compensation.

As the same time, lenders in Europe have restrictions imposed upon them and can only be contacted online. You
will not be able to phone them for assistance.

Proceeding with a self cert mortgage in Europe

For those prepared to take the major risks involved, the FCA strongly recommends the following:
Before proceeding, talk to a UK regulated mortgage adviser
Read the terms and conditions and look at what protection the mortgage would offer
Investigate how the lender would deal with you if you missed payments
Be sure as to what fees you will have to pay
Ascertain who they are regulated by
Be aware that most of the time, the very fact that you are having to self certify means that your income may be
unpredictable and even irregular. Therefore, going down the self certification route for a mortgage is not

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