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If you are recently self employed then this option will work well for you - Not all cases require 2 or more years of self employed accounts. Self certified mortgages do offer very flexible income options - we have lots to choose from!

Self Cert Mortgages? Available Here!

If you cannot prove your income and are wanting to either buy or remortgage a buy to let property then you have come to the right place.
Borrow up to 85% - very competitive rates and fees - free quote with no obligation!
We can offer self cert buy to let mortgages - whereby no proof of income is required at all.

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  Self Employed Options - 1 Years Accounts or Even Less

  Self Cert Buy to Let Mortgages - Borrow 85%

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Self Cert Mortgages 2015 - 1.75% No Proof of Income - Self Certified Mortgages Are Still Available 2015

Bad Credit Remortgages

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Self Employed Remortgages

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Sean Wilkins

We have access to lenders who only require 1 years accounts or even less in some situations.
We can also accept clients with 2 or 3 years accounts with our flexible income options.

  No Accounts Required

Not all mortgage applications require you to have a set of accounts or a tax return for that matter.
Some lender's will accept an accountant's certificate - proving your income in a fast & efficient manner
which may enable you to complete quickly and without the trouble of providing accounts or tax returns.

  Only Bank Statements Required (Secured Loans)

  Borrow up to 95% Self Assessment

With our self assessment options you can borrow up to 95% on either your remortgage or purchase.
That means you will only need a 5% deposit if you are buying a property or you would be able to remortgage up to 95% if you are wanting to release capital.

Do Self Cert Mortgages Still Exist

Yes - there are some lenders who do not require proof of income in some cases
It depends upon your circumstances - call us today to see if you qualify

Non Status Mortgages

In all cases no proof of income is required

Self Cert Mortgages Calculator

Borrow 5x your income using our self cert mortgages calculator
Self cert does not limit how much you can borrow

Self Assessment Mortgages

Self Cert Mortgages Deposit

Both non status mortgages and self assessment mortgages are just another name for self cert mortgages
You only need a 5% deposit in some cases
Borrow up to 95% with Self cert

Self Cert Mortgages for Bad Credit

We can accept adverse credit with our self cert deals
Most cases accepted

Buy to Let Self Cert Mortgages

Some buy to let mortgages just require proof of rental income

Very Competitive Rates and Fees

Borrow up to 85% in most cases
No other income is required in some cases

Self Cert Mortgages 2015

Self assessment mortgages are available in 2015
In some cases no proof of income is required

Self Cert Mortgage Lenders

We know which lenders to approach in order to secure your mortgage with no proof of income
Different lenders do have different criteria so it is always worth contacting us for more details

Here Are Just a Sample of Some of The Lenders We Have Access To - We Have Many Others - Contact Us Today For Your Free Quote

The * rate quoted is based upon Trigold as of 14/07/2015 - The actual rate will depend on your circumstances. Ask for a personalised illustration.
Think Carefully before securing other debts against your home. Your home may be repossessed if you do not keep up repayments on your mortgage.
All Cases Considered
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No Proof of Income Required - Free Quote - Contact Us Today

Self Certified Mortgages

Self certified mortgages are available in some cases - call us for more advice

Self Certification Mortgages

Self certification mortgages like self certified
mortgages are still available
self certified mortgages

Buy to Let Mortgages

1 year self employed mortgages self cert buy to let self_cert_the001023.jpg

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Self cert mortgages are still available. In most cases we are able to secure your mortgage using your current
situation - so it's always worth contacting us for further help and advice with your self certified mortgage.
We will compare 000's of mortgages - and send you your best options - FREE!
We will call you back to discuss your mortgage requirements.
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Just some of our flexible Self Cert options >> we have Many More >> Get Your Free Quote Today!

Self Cert Mortgages 2015

2nd Mortgages

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4% Secured Loans
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Self Employed

Self Certified

5% Deposit Mortgages

Moving Home

Buy to Let

Bad Credit

4% Secured Loans
Self Cert? Yes !

We can accept bank statements to certify your income in certain situations - these would be used
instead of accounts or other forms of income.
This can be an effective route to resolving your mortgage or remortgage.
No proof of Income Required - All Bad Credit Accepted - No Upfront Fees - Apply Today !
4% Great rates - no upfront fees - self cert available - very flexible income requirements
Self Cert Secured loans are very flexible when it comes to income requirements and adverse credit.
They are able to provide funds far quicker in many cases than the usual remortgage route.
  Secured Loans - Self Cert - No Proof of Income Required !
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Just started trading?
No Problem ! Self Employed with 1 Years Accounts or Even Less !
4% Secured Loans
Self Cert & ALL Bad Credit Accepted - No upfront Fees
Self Cert Buy to Let Mortgages
No Proof of Income is Rrequired at ALL ! Borrow up to 85%
Self Employed Contractors
Agency workers and Contractors - ALL Accepted
Bank statements to support income
We can use just your bank statements as proof of income
Accountant's Certificate Only
We can accept an Accountant's Certificate with no Accounts etc
Use Latest Your Profits
If your profits have been increasing - then this could Greatly
Increase how much you can borrow !

  Self Cert Mortgages - Are Still Available in 2015 !

ALL Self Employed Accepted
Very Flexible Income Options - Contact Us for More Details